About Milysocks

When I was a child, every time I left home, my mother will put a pair of socks in my suitcase and will tell me that no matter how bad the environment is or how difficult it is to walk, it can bring me warmth and protection. Later, socks became a must-have for everyone. While fulfilling basic functions, I hoped to incorporate something into it, just like the love my mother gave me, so I founded Milysocks, which is derived from the English word "Family".

For the next five years, whenever I walked across mountains and rivers in milysocks and looked down at the jubilant life, I was shocked by the touch that nature brought to me. Love exists not only between you and me, but also in the endless nature. Those who live with us deserve the hope and love of life.

The good thing is that more and more customers choose us to pass on their love, and we have always insisted on doing a conscience career, delivering surprise and happiness. We hope that our efforts are worthy of this great era! In the future, all the love we receive will be returned! Every great company is bestowed a great mission. Milysocks’ mission is to bring more love and happiness to people. May this world become a better place through love.