Need Help?
1. Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled at no charge within 12 hours after they were placed. A $5-$10 handling fee will be applied for each item if the order needs to be cancelled more than 12 hours after the purchase. Please do send us a cancellation emailwith your order number if you want to cancel it before the shipment. The orders cannot be cancelled after the shipment.

2. Can I change my shipping address or shipping method after I place it?
Shipping Address

If you need to change the address, please check out the order confirmation email, which includes a service link, click it and you will see the order information page, then you can change the delivery address as your needs in 24 hours after you receive the email.

After 24 hours, please contact us immediately with your order NO. and the correct address, otherwise, the system may not allow you to make changes after 24 hours.

Shipping Method

If you need to amend your shipping method, please contact us within 24 hours after your order is placed, otherwise, the system may not allow you to make any change with your order. Generally, we offer 2 ways of shipping, one is Standard Shipping (8-12working days) and the other one is Express Shipping (5-8working days).

3. Can I change or add photos after the order is submitted?

In 12 hours after the order is submitted, photo modification service is free; if you want to add faces on the socks, you will be charged an extra $5 for an extra face.

After 12 hours after the order is submitted, photo modification service will be charged $5 for each face; add a different face on the socks, except for a $5 modification fee for each face, an extra $5 for an extra face is necessary.

We sincerely suggest you contact us as soon as possible within 12 hours after the order is submitted.

4. How many different faces can be customized at most on a pair of socks?

Normally you can choose 3 faces when you place an order on our website, if you need to customize more than 3 different faces on one pair of socks, after you place the order successfully, please update your order No. and the photos of the faces you need to add via email within 12 hours. One extra face, an extra $5 is needed, our agent will send you the payment link.

5. Can I print some words on the socks?

We're sorry that we don’t provide this special service.

1. How do I participate in the Buy 2 Get 1 Promotion? Will I get 2 more pairs of socks for free, if I buy 4 pairs of them?

Please add 3 pairs of socks to the Shopping Cart, and upload the corresponding photo when choosing each pair of socks. When you CHECKOUT 3 pairs of socks together, 1 pair of them at the lowest price will be free as the discount, so you only need to pay 2 pairs of them.

In the same rule, if you add 6 pairs of socks to the Shopping Cart, you will get 2 for free, you only need to pay 4 pairs of them, and so on.

2. What should you do if you didn't add the third pair of socks after placing your order of 2 pairs of socks during the Buy 2 Get 1Free Promotion?

Please update the information for the third pairs of socks in 12 hours through email, including order NO., item NO., color, size, and the photos of the third pairs of socks, we will make them for you for free. Otherwise, we may not be able to make any changes to your order.

Product Care
1. How do I wash my socks?

Our socks are best cared for machine-washed at 40´C inside out to protect their color. Hang out flat to dry. For longer lasting socks please avoid bleaching, tumble-drying, ironing and dry-cleaning.

2. Will my socks or the patterns fade?

As long as you follow our suggested washing instructions your socks will not fade.

3. Will the pattern be stretched after putting on the socks?

Please kindly notice that the patterns of the socks will be stretched because our socks are soft, comfortable, and with great flexibility to wear and this is a normal situation, not a quality problem.

1. Is your site legit?

We are legit for we have sold out over 10,000 orders all over the world, we believe our warm and unique customized socks could bring happiness to people no matter when and where.

2. Where do you ship from?

All packages are shipped from the distribution center located in Hong Kong, China.